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  • ◯ 外資系教育会社に入社後、プレゼンしたお客様の98%から契約をもらうという「ファンづくり」の営業スタイルを構築し、日本でトップ、世界142カ国中2位の成績を納めた女性営業のカリスマ。
    ◯ 2万人に一人の難関を突破し、女性初、最年少で支社長に就任。その後、同企業の日本撤退により、売上向上専門のビジネスコンサルタントして独立。大手から中小、国内外を問わず研修・講演を展開している。「和田式売れる営業に変わるセミナー」「カセギスキル」など即日満席になる超人気セミナーの講師としても活躍中。
    ◯ 累計220万部越えの著作には「世界NO2売れる営業に変わる本」「成約率98%の秘訣」「人に好かれる話し方」「人生を好転させる新陽転思考*」14年目のロングセラーとなる「和田裕美の営業手帳」などがある。

  • Hiromi Wada / Profile

    Born and raised in Kyoto. Moved to Tokyo after graduating university.
    After working as an inside sales for a clothing company, she decided to move onto greater opportunity from a simple crave for a greater wage. But life was not that easy, and in her job hunt, she was rejected by every company she applied for. When she was about to give up and return to her home town thinking “Maybe I can’t do this anymore…,” she landed a job as a full-commission salesperson at a foreign-based educational company, and that being her only choice, she decided to take it.
    Because of her shyness, she started off her career as a dropout (as a first year salesperson), and she struggled to bring any results. But after she noticed that what she must do was “gently give people a supportive push in the back,” she began to win her contracts, and from the joy of being appreciated by her customers, she discovered the fun of being a salesperson, and went on to develop her unique sales method.

    From there, she developed her sales method of “creating fans” which she won 40% of her entire contracts through word-of-the-mouth, and 98% of customers who listened to her sales presentation went into contract.

    Within a short period of time, she was repeatedly promoted, and while still in her twenties, she became the first female divisional inspector of a branch, a prestigious position only for one in twenty thousand. Her performances greatly influenced later sales people, and she achieved many successful results.

    From there, she climbed the corporate ladder up to VP of Sales, managing one hundred employees in twenty branches all over the country.

    In 2001, due to corporate decision of withdrawal from Japan, branches were shut down and four hundred employees were laid off. Without a job and an income, she realized that “All I can do is train sales people and pass on the thrill of the job,” and established an independent firm, Perie, Inc. From there, she has been working as a sales consultant to assist building their organizations in various industries.


  • 『世界No.2セールスウーマンの「売れる営業」に変わる本』(ダイヤモンド社)
  • 『こうしてわたしは世界NO.2セールスウーマンになった』(ダイヤモンド社)『やる気が出るコツ続くコツ』(ダイヤモンド社)
  • 『幸せをつかむ!時間の使い方』(ダイヤモンド社)
  • 『和田裕美の人に好かれる話し方』(大和書房)
  • 『誰でもリーダーになれる3つの約束』(幻冬舎)
  • 『奉仕するリーダーになりなさい』(角川oneテーマ21)
  • 『人生を好転させる「新・陽転思考」』(ポプラ社)
  • 『15歳から学ぶ陽転思考の基本』(ポプラ社)
  • 絵本『ぼくは小さくて白い』(朝日新聞出版)


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